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Architect@Work 2018

Olympia, London, United Kingdom

24th & 25th January 2018

After a year of successful global editions of ARCHITECT@WORK, this unique and exclusive exhibition concept is finally back in London for its 6th edition at Olympia National Hall.

Innovation is key for every interior designer and architect. For this reason, ARCHITECT@WORK organisers made it the main criterion to be able to exhibit at the show. Exhibitors will be showcasing innovations, which have first been approved by a judging panel of architects and interior designers. All products on display during ARCHITECT@WORK exhibition are genuinely newsworthy.

Kevala Stairs in partnership with RoomStone will be exhibiting RoomStone® GmbH Click 2.0-System. This unique cantilevered stair system showcases a detachable connection between reinforced concrete walls and for the first time, full thickness large scale treads in concrete, wood and natural stone.

The cantilevered treads are “invisibly” attached to the wall and can be detached with a special tool if required. No visible screws or other fasteners spoil the look of this minimalistic but technically advanced cantilevered stair system.

RoomStone Concrete Cantilevered Staircase

Composition of the product

Fair-faced concrete, wood, dimension stone with a reinforced steel mounting system.

What is the innovation as to your previous collection?

Click 2.0 means that cantilevered stairs can now be made from dimension stone. The individual treads are forged from a solid block of dimension stone, allowing the natural characteristics and appearance of the stone to remain intact. It also incorporates a new three-point bearing system (Click 2.0) which enables a 3 axes angle compensation upon final assemble.

Materials available

Fair-faced concrete, solid wood, dimension stone.

Ecological aspect

Use of natural raw materials – completely recyclable-economical resource consumption – includes the implementation of quality managements systems according to ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental management system according to EC Regulation No. 1221/2009 (EMAS) and DIN EN ISO 14001.

For further details about RoomStone cantilevered stairs click here