Welcome to Drawing Board section of Kevala Stairs website. Please browse throughout the examples of computer-generated images (CGI) presented and get inspired! We love to showcase the quality work we have completed as we are always incredibly proud of what we can and do achieve.

Most of all, CGI architectural visualisations are used as part of the preliminary design process where ideas are presented to clients.

Because projects we undertake are complex and often span across multiple floors we produce a CGI image that makes the internal space and the staircase to look as though it already exists within a believable context. We know that ideas are conveyed best, showcasing the staircase in-situ. We also use CGI renders for further discussions and development of each project.

Complex design ideas and layout proposals can be conveyed with just a single CGI image more effectively than a description does.

As it is often said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

CGI imagery is also useful when access to project sites to source photography is difficult or not possible.