Project Description


Ashridge House (KS2665)

Materials: Stained solid European Oak, steel


Location: Hertfordshire

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Ashridge House is a beautiful property hidden away within the Ashridge Estate, surrounded by woodlands of oak and beech in the rolling Chiltern Hills. The majestic double helical solid oak and steel staircase exemplifies the grandeur of the property and reflects the breathtaking beauty of its natural surroundings.

The organic design comprises two curved staircases including oak strings, treads, risers, apron boards and handrails with a matching gallery. The lower stair has curved entry treads with 2D risers and is flared out with handrail volutes on both sides, giving an impression of natural elegance.

However, it is the balustrades of steel spindles flanking the stairs on both sides which make this staircase something truly special. The delicate curved lines of the painted steel are something of an optical illusion, creating the unique sensation that the balustrade is rippling in exquisite waves as you pass by.

The concept and design grew from a seed of an idea from the client in the form of a hand-drawn sketch and pullout from a magazine. Kevala Stars team then worked closely with the client and their architect to nurture this initial idea into the unique staircase that exists today. Retaining the original concept, yet interpreting the design to fit the feature into the available space, Kevala Stairs thus successfully fulfilled the client’s aspirations.