Project Description


Brambledown (KS1809 external)

Materials: Oiled solid oak, brushed stainless steel 316 grade, stainless steel wire and toughened glass

Location: Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

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In contrast to the internal art deco staircase, these have been designed to impede as little as possible on the view of the surrounding gardens, with toughened glass, steel and oak combining in a minimalist design.

For the main terrace area, the 65 meters of toughened glass paneling were used to allow an unimpeded view of the gardens. They are attached with stainless steel clamps to the solid oak posts, with an oak handrail fitted on top.

The external steps have three sets of balustrades with stainless steel wire running through the stainless steel posts. The wire is tensioned with stainless steel fittings, and an oak handrail fitted.

In February 2010 an additional 20 metres of tensioned wire balustrading with stainless steel posts and handrail was installed to the existing straight and curved brick walls.