Project Description


Cherrytrees (KS2943)

Materials:  Solid European Oak, wrought iron balustrade

Location: Henley-On-Thames, Berkshire

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This minimalist, folded tread staircase has been treated to an unusual “Driftwood Sioo” white oil finish. The solid oak stair has been attached to the reclaimed brick stairwell with hidden steel pins.

The very open style wrought iron balustrade was cut and welded from yard stock; the joints carefully cleaned up and only the loose mill scale removed.

The metal balustrade has been chemically sealed and simply bolted to the structure to give an industrial salvaged feel.

As for the aesthetics, the sheer simplicity of the ribbon-like structure, in conjunction with the raw, reclaimed brick wall, make this staircase appear light, airy and practically weightless.