Project Description


Elm Cottage (KS2355)

Stair materials: Oak stained, stainless steel, toughened and laminated structural glass

Floor materials: European oak antique duo-board 15×220 with bevel, oiled with black monocoat

Location: Penn, Buckinghamshire

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A solid walnut, stainless steel and glass staircase. The glass balustrade is held in place with our own “Harmony” style stainless steel fixings and the treads are finished with a half riser bar, which enables the light to travel through the staircase this gives an open tread feel whilst complying with building regulations.

The handrail is also walnut and mounted on the wall to leave the transparency of the glass clear of obstructions.

This staircase install also had its own unique feature on the gallery area, where “Magic” glass was used for the first time on a Kevala Stairs project. This unique glass, works by electrifying the panel causing the glass to turn clear, giving a clear view down from the gallery, and when privacy is required, can be switched off turning the glass white.