Project Description


Glenmore (KS3446)

Materials: Solid European Oak, low iron glass balustrades, stainless steel

Location: Buckinghamshire

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Build It Awards 2017 Best Joinery Winner Kevala Stairs
BuildIt Awards 2017 Best Joinery Shortlisted

Perhaps the first thing you notice when observing the Glenmore project is the simplicity, clean lines and floating effect.

The Glenmore project features a cantilevered-effect, bespoke staircase in solid European Oak with laminated structural frameless glass balustrades, stainless-steel fixings and detailing. Mighty 100mm solid European Oak treads are brushed to expose the grain and are stained black to complement the monochrome interiors of this newly re-furbished property.

Strong, clean lines define the minimalistic design, constructed to give a floating look. Low iron glass was selected for extra clarity. Each tread is illuminated with an LED light.

Enlarged entry tread has a set-back riser frame, lifting the stair off the floor, creating a floating platform.

The treads are pinned to the wall and structurally supported on the inside by two straight low iron toughened and laminated frameless glass panels.

The fixings of the glass balustrading are concealed behind Oak caps. The stainless-steel wall handrail is fixed with stainless steel brackets. The frameless glass gallery matches the stair design including engineered European Oak apron boards, baserails and trims.

This project demonstrates the ingenuity, dedication and passion that our designers and craftsmen put into every staircase that Kevala Stairs delivers.

This staircase is constructed to give a contemporary, cantilevered look which is very much in demand with clients in the 21st century.

This cleverly engineered solution allows the wall side to be fixed to a “normal strength” wall (only 3.5 kN). Whereas, a 10kN concrete wall would usually be required for a true cantilevered stair. It is very rare to have internal walls constructed to 10KN in a residential property. To construct such a wall retrospectively would be a very costly and a lengthy task.