Project Description


Meadowbrook (KS1482)

Materials: Solid European Oak, glass, stainless steel

Location: Wentworth Golf Course Estate, Virginia Water

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As seen on BBC TWO – An Escape to the Country broadcast on 14th April 2009

Denise Nurse takes a looks at the best big budget properties featured in past programmes, discovering what makes a property worth millions.

A Kevala Staircase has recently been featured in An Escape to the Country, the property program which helps prospective buyers find their perfect rural retreat. In the April compilation episode Millions, presenter Denise Nurse revisited the most exclusive properties covered in the series: luxury homes ranging in value from £1.2m to £5.75m.

Viewers were invited to discover what made a property worth millions. Apart from the obvious question of location and extent of the accommodation, other factors were the quality of materials and the standard of design evident in all fixtures.

The most expensive property featured, a modern mansion on the Wentworth Estate, contains three staircases designed and fitted by Kevala Stairs.

The first forms the centrepiece to the entrance hall, where a bespoke oak and glass staircase rises effortlessly from an expanse of marble.

The open tread and the glass balustrades ensure that it does not overpower the surrounding space, which is uncluttered and minimalist. The straight flights reflect the clean modern lines of this house, whilst the burnished stainless steel fittings, incorporated as part of the design, enhance the contemporary appearance. The clever construction defies the solidity of the structure, the flying half-landings encased in glass almost appear to float.

Two other Kevala staircases are fitted in this property. A stair from the first floor to the second floor also using an open oak tread and glass balustrade design to maximise the expression of space. With a third staircase connecting the house to the space over the garage. Here, the dramatic lines of the straight stair are modified to allow an elegant twist, to complement the more intimate space. These stairs of lacquered pine are more functional, but the same attention to detail and quality of materials is evident.