Project Description


Silvester House (KS2000)

Materials: Egham, Berkshire

Location: Oak treads, risers and strings. Stainless steel balustrading.

This staircase in solid oak and brushed steel for a private customer was designed to maximise space. The combination of traditional and high-tech materials complements the unusual dining room flooring, and reflects the modern interior.

Solid planked oak, brushed to increase grip, was selected for the treads. To accommodate the tightness of the corner, the entry treads were set at a variety of angles (winding treads), and this unusual arrangement adds interest to the design.

The balustrade is of brushed stainless steel, with round steel newel posts anchored into the strings. The five horizontal rods terminating in steel balls give the staircase a modernistic overtone. The design is continued in a small matching gallery upstairs.