Project Description


Warrington Crescent (KS2094)

Materials: Walnut, stainless steel, structural triple laminated and toughened glass, aluminum channel system

Location: Maida Vale, London

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The architectural firm Space 200 asked Kevala Stairs to design a staircase that would enhance their challenging project in Maida Vale, London. A conversion of one single, though quite large room into a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom suite, including a cloakroom to be located beneath the staircase.

The staircase links the sitting area with the over covered contemporary kitchen located on the new mezzanine floor.

The first six solid walnut treads are open, attached to the structural triple laminated and toughened glass strings with stainless steel fittings.

The design then changes, to include full risers that enclose the cloakroom below the staircase. The wall side of the staircase contains a hidden structural steel string with pins to attach the treads invisibly to the wall. The treads are illuminated by LED strip tapes inserted into the underside of the treads to create mood lighting.

The frameless glass balustrading is attached to the edge of the mezzanine floor with stainless steel fixings allowing the maximum amount of light.