Combining elegance and engineering, the cantilevered staircase system by RoomStone® GmbH takes minimalism to a new level. Launched in the UK by Kevala Stairs at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovation Show in Sandown Park, the RoomStone® cantilevered staircase system enjoyed a very favourable reception. It is not only visually intriguing, appearing to defy gravity, but also extremely versatile being suitable for both internal and external construction.

The architectural design showcases German engineering at its best. The treads, fixed only at one end, appear to ‘float’ in mid-air, projecting from the wall with no visible support. The secret is in the engineering, with structural support hidden within the specially constructed wall and within each tread. The impression of a floating structure can be enhanced by incorporating cleverly positioned lighting. A unique feature of this design is that the cantilevered treads are exchangeable, allowing for a completely new look in future years.
A range of balustrading designs ensures that the minimalist effect is not compromised. This cantilevered staircase design can be used to create very varied effects, depending on the architectural space for which it is intended. Treads are available in beautifully grained hardwoods, intricate metal designs and in smooth concrete: either cool and polished, or textured for a rustic effect.

A unique feature of this staircase is that the cantilevered treads are exchangeable, allowing for a completely new look in future years. A true cantilevered staircase is a design where each tread is fixed only at one end. The supporting structure is hidden within each tread and behind the face of the wall. There are no supports between the treads.

Tread finishes & lighting

Cantilevered treads can be manufactured in concrete, timber or metal, with many finishes, colours and varieties of surface available.
Our cantilevered staircase treads can be easily exchanged at any time due to special fixing pockets, so a new look can be achieved, even after many years.


A wide range of hardwood timbers, including oak, walnut and beech are available, and we are expert at sourcing timber to meet clients’ particular requirements.


Two finishes are available – polished or rustic – in a range of six standard colours:

Agat Grey, Silver Grey, Anthracite (Charcoal Grey), Snow White, Ivory, and Natural (Light Grey Cement).

These colours are immediately available, but individual shades to complement existing architecture can be created on request.


Metal treads can be provided in a wide variety of designs, including checker plate for an industrial appearance. Cantilevered stairs for exterior applications are made of stainless steel 316 grade. Please contact us with your request.


Lighting can be incorporated into the cantilevered staircase design. The wiring will need to be integrated into the reinforced concrete wall or stud wall during the installation of the pockets.
Lights can be installed in the wall or underneath the cantilevered treads. The latter further increases the appearance of a floating staircase.


True cantilevered staircases

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