Only specialist companies such as Kevala Stairs can successfully produce magnificent glass stairs which add glamour and exclusivity to any interior.

Kevala Stairs design team help and guide clients through the development process of beautiful contemporary glass stairs. Style and shape are developed in accordance with the design brief or project requirements.

Designing and manufacturing glass staircases can be a challenging task compared to the use of more conventional materials. Its unique properties need to be taken into consideration both to produce superior quality, and to exploit its unique possibilities.

Special architectural glass is used for glass stairs production. Processes such as chemical treatment, tempering and lamination ensure the integrity and safety of each glass staircase.

Only glass lets natural light to penetrate through the stair treads and balustrades allowing the soft illumination of the surrounding interior.

The marvel of engineering, the beautiful ice-like sculpture simply draws and the climb must be experienced. The levitation effect, the urge of holding on to something “solid” and the butterflies in the stomach combine with the admiration of clever engineering and excitement of being entertained.

Feature glass staircases, often spanning across several floors, are increasingly incorporated in to many interiors. Whether commercial, industrial or residential they add a clean and contemporary feel.

Despite its seemingly fragile and delicate nature, the use of glass in architecture and interior is rising.